How do I submit a review?

First off, thank you so much for wanting to add to the site! In order to submit a review, you'll need to register. Facebook can do it for you if you use the "Facebook Log in" button on the lower left, or you can create a separate account here on the site. After that, follow these two steps:

  1. Create a listing: Before we get to the review part, first there needs to be a listing - the basic information about the place such as its name, location, and type of establishment. Because this is such a new site, chances are excellent you want to review a place that we don't have a listing for yet. No problem! Click the "Submit a Listing" button in the User Menu to the left. First, you'll have to choose a category. Then you'll get a form to fill out. Only the fields with stars have to be filled out, but of course, we'd love to have as much information as you can give. The description in this part is just for any facts above and beyond the basics; your review comes later. Please only submit photos for which you have the rights.
  2. Write a review: The site is currently set so that the review form follows the listing form. You have the choice to submit a review later (or not at all, which we request you do if you're the owner of the place being listed). This is the place for your opinion! This is where you can give the star ratings for quality and accessibility, and tell us about your experience. Thanks again!