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Sandy Beach Oceanfront Resort

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(Updated: May 08, 2014)
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Conflicted on how to rate this, accessibility-wise


We enjoyed our stay here very much! The suite was clean, reasonably-priced, had a fully-equipped kitchen and a great view of the ocean. Reviews I read elsewhere said to book in the newer (Palmetto) tower, and that's what we did. Within walking distance we found three donut shops, a decent grill, and several mini-marts. In season, Family Kingdom amusement park is also within walking distance, but we were there the weekend before it opened. There is a small lazy river, a rectangular pool, and a hot tub inside; outside are two more regular pools and a kiddie pool, but it was a little chilly outside to avail ourselves of them in early April - although the regular pools are reportedly heated, and we did see people using them. The kiddie pool is *not* heated and we didn't see any kids brave enough to do more than skirt the edges.


I'm finding this a tough call because this hotel has some really wonderful features, like a mobile pool lift. The kiddie pool also has a zero-depth entry and a number of sprayground features. However...the bathrooms might not be adequate for a lot of people's uses. We did not specifically book an accessible room, but when I asked about them at the front desk, the lady told me that there was one two-bedroom wheelchair-accessible room and one three-bedroom wheelchair-accessible room, and that the only difference between those and the regular rooms was that there was a roll-in shower. Sooo...the one-bedroom that we booked had a bathroom sink that was open under the counter, but the counter was very high (I wound up dragging the table from the balcony in for a stepping stool for my 5-year-old) and the sink handles not that long. There were no grab bars. The jacuzzi tub was very tall. The kitchen appliances/fixtures were all the standard, not-particularly-accessible variety. And there was a sizable lip on the door to the balcony. On the plus side, room to maneuver was good. The living room was pretty spacious (even though I started taking pictures the moment we got in the door, I wasn't quick enough to get one of the living room before my younger daughter started to set up camp) and the bedroom had decent space around the outsides of the beds (although possibly not enough between the beds). One other awkward thing was the way the door to the outside and the bedroom door conflicted with each other - you had to be entirely inside and shut the door before you could get into the bedroom. A positive, though, was that all of the doorways were wide enough for my daughter's wheelchair (which, judging from the pictures I saw elsewhere, I am not sure is true of the older tower).

Like North Myrtle Beach, in Myrtle Beach you can get a beach wheelchair for multiple days in the off-season, but you have to get someone from the police department to bring it to you (and wait for them to do it) and we never got that organized, using the one at Myrtle Beach State Park on our visit there instead (however, see my review of that). There is a beach wheelchair access at one end of this property, however.

In practice, this met our needs well and we would definitely consider returning here; however, unless there are really more differences than just the shower for the accessible rooms (and you don't mind shelling out for a 2- or 3-bedroom), people who need an accessible bathroom might want to look elsewhere.
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