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Spacious room


We don't usually get a wheelchair-accessible room at a hotel, because we don't really need the accessible bathroom and our experience had been that the larger bathroom just carved space out of the room that we could have used to maneuver. Staying here, we may have changed our minds, at least with regard to this chain - the room itself was very spacious! It's a pretty standard Comfort Suites - breakfast is served in the lobby in the morning and consists of various bread products, a couple of hot items (usually disc-shaped eggs and some type of breakfast meat), and make-your-own waffles with people lined up for them. Rooms have a Keurig coffee maker as well as the standard microwave and refrigerator, but somehow, the coffee wasn't as much better than the standard in-room swill as I hoped it would be. The living area (couch, chair and desk) is near the window in this room, as opposed to near the door as in most Comfort Suites rooms (which puts the silly partial room divider in a completely pointless location between the beds). There's an indoor pool (and fitness center), but we didn't get a chance to check it out.


The room is in a part of the hotel that juts out a bit, so it's longer than the average Comfort Suites room. The bathroom is about 9' x 9'. Our room did not have a roll-in shower; it had a bath chair that could be put into the bathtub. There were three grab bars each for the toilet and the tub, and plenty of space by the toilet. The sink was in a small counter with open space underneath; pipes were wrapped. One thing to note for people like us who have a lot of (tube-feeding, in our case) equipment to wash is that what you *do* lose by getting the wheelchair-accessible room is counter space. We were able to use a table out in the main room instead, but we did kind of miss the counter. The room had ample space to maneuver a chair; although we didn't bring the chair up next to each of the beds, I think we could have. The closet had a lower rack at a reasonably wheelchair-accessible height. The room was also outfitted with a doorbell and smoke alarms for people with hearing disabilities (although the doorbell was annoyingly marked, "Room for Handicapped"). Counters in the lobby are high (especially the one for the front desk, which struck me as a fortress when I walked in) and have panels/cabinetry underneath, so wheelchair users will need assistance with those (including with getting breakfast). As I said earlier, I didn't get a chance to check out the pool. I kept going back and forth between three and four stars for accessibility for this hotel; finally erred on the low side, but I really did like the large room and would probably choose the accessible room again on my next stay at a Comfort Suites, despite the lack of counter space.
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