Skyland Resort’s Pollock Dining Room - Shenandoah National Park

Skyland Resort’s Pollock Dining Room - Shenandoah National Park Hot

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Skyland Resort’s Pollock Dining Room - Shenandoah National Park

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Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and features regional cuisine.


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Nice view, if you can get there


My husband enjoyed his "House Made Meatloaf with Virginia Bacon Crumbles" very much, which was important, since it was his birthday. I was underwhelmed by my "Pecan Crusted Catfish Filet," which was kind of soggy, didn't taste much like pecans, and the "Grapefruit and Mint Salad" that it came with turned out to be a couple of small, sour pieces of grapefruit scattered about. The fish itself tasted OK, though, just not as crunchy and pecan-y as I might have hoped. My husband and I both enjoyed the garlic whipped potatoes and the vegetables, but were cranky that we didn't get bread like the other tables. My husband told me that our 4-year-old's mac-n-cheese was very good as well, although she seemed less impressed (which honestly doesn't speak to the quality of the mac-n-cheese as much as it does to whether it looked exactly like she thought it should).


Skyland is an old lodge that predates the park, and the dining room is down several steps from the entrance level. There is a lift, but it's tiny - we just *barely* got my daughter's R82 X-Panda in there, and a power chair would be right out (my daughter's wheelchair is roughly 28" x 50"). Although there were tables available near the windows (which have a great view of the Shenandoah Valley), staff did not apparently want to be bothered moving any chairs needed to seat us there. Instead, we were seated by the lift in a no-server's-land, resulting in a long delay in our existence being acknowledged followed by arguments amongst the servers over whose table we were. After dinner, my 12-year-old (the daughter with a wheelchair) and I repaired to the restroom. The main restrooms are only accessible by stairs, but there are two single-seat bathrooms upstairs designated for use by those with disabilities. The one we used was maybe 5' x 7'? (I'm not that great at estimating size.) The toilet is next to the sink on the far wall, with little space between them. Sink pipes are unwrapped. The gift shop was easier to get around in, with good amounts of space between displays. Final accessibility note: parking spaces are few and far between. There is only one near the restaurant. We parked in one farther down (I think it's near some accessible rooms); I meant to look to see if there were any others even farther down on our way out, but forgot.
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