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4846 Hwy. 17 South
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(843) 272-5900
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Beach-themed casual dining restaurant, serving seafood and American cuisine. Part of a chain.


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Just barely accessible


Although I put the street address for purposes of finding this on a map, it should be noted that this restaurant is in Barefoot Landing on the southern side.

My husband had the fish and chips and really liked it - felt it was some of the best fish and chips he ever had. However, I remember that my crab cake sandwich left me underwhelmed. I'm having a hard time remembering why (we visited about a month and a half ago), but I remember that I got another crab cake sandwich another place, another night because I felt like I'd been cheated out of a proper crab cake sandwich on my beach trip. Although I can't find it on their website, I remember they do have a kids' menu and it had mac'n'cheese but they were out - aaggghhh! We wound up getting our four-year-old some seafoodish thing that she only ate the fries out of (which were pretty good).


One of the reasons I felt moved to write a review is because this is one of the least accessible restaurants I've ever eaten at that we were actually able to get the wheelchair into. The seating area is down a short flight of stairs from where you enter and are greeted. To get a wheelchair to the seating area, you have to go around outside on the patio (extra fun when it's raining as it was the night we visited). Because my daughter's wheelchair is large for a manual wheelchair, we had to have it hanging out in the aisle and the servers kept having to skirt around it. I will say that the staff were all very nice about it, but it was pretty awkward. I didn't visit the bathroom, so can't speak to that, but it's on the upper level.
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