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Cape May Whale Watcher

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1218 Wilson Drive
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The Cape May Whale Watcher offers whale/dolphin, dolphin, lighthouse, sunset/dinner, and Fourth of July cruises. Trips run March-November.


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The area's most accessible dolphin watch, FWIW


Reviews that I've read on this on other sites were mixed, and as near as I can tell, it depends on whether the reviewer was hoping to see dolphins or whales. Whales seem to be kind of a long shot, but we took the dolphin cruise, and we saw plenty! The boat basically does a loop around Cape May - first you go out to see the dolphins and hang around with them a while. We saw several pods. This was frustrating for my older daughter (with cerebral palsy and cortical vision impairment), because they surface and go under again quickly and she could not track fast enough to see them. However, near the end of our stay with the dolphins, one surfaced so close she could hear it breathe through its blowhole, and I think that made the whole trip for her! Once you leave the dolphins, you pass the concrete ship ruins, the Cape May lighthouse, and Cape May itself with its beautiful Victorian houses. We enjoyed the cruise very much - my only complaint would be the complimentary so-called breakfast. They were out of juice, the danishes were rationed and miniscule, and they didn't have any sugar for the coffee. So - don't count on the breakfast, eat before you go! But it's worth going, if you can make it work.


This is really marginally accessible, but it beats the competition for dolphin watching. The Sightseer Whale and Dolphin Cruises (Capt. Schumann) out of Wildwood told me that they had a 24" wide gangplank, and then although I have to confess I didn't call Thundercat (out of Cape May), the pictures sure look like there'd be steps down to me - plus I wasn't sure how well my daughter would tolerate a speedboat.

Anyway, back to the Cape May Whale Watcher (we rode the Spirit of Cape May). The tricky part as I recall was getting to the stern, because of the way the door opened out from the cabin and the width of the door. My daughter's chair is about 28" wide - I'm thinking the door must have been about 30". This is absolutely going to require someone's assistance to hold open the door as the wheelchair user turns (you need a chair with a tight turning radius) and backs toward the bow, then the door has to be closed before proceeding to the stern. If I remember right, there were too many things in the way on the other side to get to the stern without going through the cabin. However, once you get to the stern there is an aisle in between the fixed seats where you can fit a wheelchair, and shade from the overhanging top deck (which is of course inaccessible to wheelchairs). You can see the setup from the accompanying family picture. The bathroom on the boat (oh, OK, the head) is also not accessible. I'm pretty sure there was one on the dock as well, but I didn't use it. The gift shop on the dock is not accessible, either, because the cash register and most of the store is up several steps. Parking was across the street, and as I recall, skimpy on accessible spaces (and also just plain skimpy - it took us a while to find anything).
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