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(Excerpted from Wikipedia) Barefoot Landing is a large shopping complex located in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It consists of several divided sections of stores and attractions located next to the Intracoastal Waterway. Barefoot Landing has over 100 stores and restaurants, on all sides of a small lake, plus it has adjoining areas with Alabama Theatre, House of Blues and Alligator Adventure, which is one of the largest reptile zoos in the world.


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(Updated: May 23, 2013)
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Fun shopping, marginal accessibility


As a shopping destination, I enjoyed this place and we spent quite a while. There's a candy store (Wee R. Sweetz) where they make and wrap taffy while you watch, using old-fashioned machines; a store where everything they sell is purple (Purpleologist); a large rock store where we spent WAY too much time (Black Market Minerals); a candle store (Wax & Beyond); and lots of other cool-looking things that we didn't even make it into, like a magic store, a kite store, a store that sells African stuff, a horsey-stuff store (dang, forgot about that, we meant to go in there but missed it), and many, many others. There are also some things you can find anywhere, like White House/Black Market, Chico's, and Sunglass Hut. There's a carousel, and an Alligator Adventure attraction that I saw good reviews for but is a bit spendy (not that that's unusual for this area). The shopping area is very pleasant in good weather, with a boardwalky feel and lake views. I gave it a top rating for shopping because we spent hours and I think could have spent many more hours, but your mileage may vary. :-)


Barefoot Landing was built pre-ADA, and it shows. We only visited the one side (guess it would be the southern side, with the Boardwalk Shops and Lakeview Courtyard); there are basically two sides separated by a lake. To get to the other side without getting back in your car, there are bridges, but the ramps to get down to them are VERY steep. Looking at their map, it may be possible to get to the other side without braving one of the ramps by going out to the Intracoastal Waterway and walking along there. Ramps to the boardwalk from the parking areas are few and far between. The one leading from the parking behind Lakeview Courtyard is very narrow and in front of a parking space (really, would it kill them to at least mark the space off?). The one leading from the parking in front of the Boardwalk Shops is better, but not right next to the marked parking spaces. Also, although there are several ways down to that parking lot if you can manage stairs, I believe there's only the one ramp. The "accessible" stall in the public bathroom was a joke - I don't think it was any wider than any other, it just had a grab bar. We were, though, able to get the wheelchair through the door of all of the shops we tried to get into. As you'd expect for small, crowded-with-stuff specialty shops, navigating around some of them was tricky, but we mostly managed.
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