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(Source: Wikipedia) Broadway at the Beach is a shopping center located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Since its inception in 1996, it has grown to be one of Myrtle Beach's premier shopping destinations. Broadway at the Beach is owned and operated by Burroughs & Chapin Company, Inc. The $250 million attraction is set on 350 acres (1.4 km2) in the heart of Myrtle Beach and features three theaters, over 20 restaurants and more than 100 specialty shops as well as attractions, nightclubs, and hotels, all surrounding the 23-acre (93,000 m2) Lake Broadway. The complex is a past recipient of the South Carolina Governor's Cup and was deemed the state's best travel destination by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism. Over 14 million people visit Broadway at the Beach annually, making it the region’s most popular destination.

The complex contains three hotels, a Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, and Holiday Inn Express.


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More accessible than its sister property


Broadway at the Beach is owned by the same people as Barefoot Landing but was built later, and both of those facts are obvious on sight. Broadway at the Beach, like Barefoot Landing, has shops, restaurants, and attractions clustered around a central lake. Both also have a number of tenants in common. Broadway at the Beach has more big-ticket (both size/quality and price) attractions than Barefoot Landing, and is so large that it has sizeable neighborhoods of different themes, such as Caribbean and New England. One downside of all this pavement is that I think there is something of a heat island effect as a result - not bad on a day in early April but quite possibly brutal in the summer. There are a number of major chain stores but also a good number of more unique stores - we didn't have a lot of time to shop but one store I really enjoyed was Yours and Mayan, which sells fair trade jewelry, textiles and other goods made by the Mayan Indians of Central America. Attractions include WonderWorks (I'll be writing a separate review for that), Ripley's Aquarium, MagiQuest, NASCAR Speedway, a ginormous 3D theater, amusement rides from the closed Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Dragon's Lair mini golf (which has one course which is mostly accessible - my husband played it with our younger daughter and reported it as largely accessible but having some areas that a person in a wheelchair would need assistance with if their ball rolled there), and I'm pretty sure more things that I'm forgetting.


Walking areas are wide and generally over smooth pavement. The one bridge we crossed (the middle one) was wide and fairly gently sloped. The restroom we visited (somewhere between Joe's Crab Shack and It'Sugar) had a stall that was about 5'x5' with grab bars. I *think* the sinks had adequate leg room but they had an odd slanty covering over the pipes so I'm not 100% sure (my daughter's wheelchair is too tall to fit under pretty much anything). The ledge at the entrance to the bathroom took a couple of tries to get over. The curb cut from the parking lot to the ring road was narrow and slanted oddly, but the curb cut from the ring road into the complex was generously sized and smooth. The stores we visited had enough room to get the wheelchair around the displays. Overall, I would say the accessibility here is very good.
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