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(Updated: February 17, 2014)
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Glad this was recommended to us!


This is a really nice aviary! Features include a three-story main aviary, a small bird aviary, a nocturnal area and an "Encounter Room" with assorted reptiles. There is a Javanese Tea House (a real one, from Java) in the main aviary, but it is not wheelchair accessible. The main aviary has a special, fenced-off section where lorikeets (small, colorful parrots) fly free and can be fed nectar (purchased separately). The lorikeet section prohibits cameras, purportedly because the lorikeets attack them, but the more cynical among us suspect that this may be so they can sell you the picture that they take of your lorikeet encounter (which we sucked it up and bought - it was actually a pretty good picture). My daughter (who has cortical vision impairment and some sensory issues) loved the lorikeets and the small aviary, which is quiet and not very bright - excellent conditions for her to watch birds, which she did raptly. The Encounter Room was not that great for her, as the lizards are mostly in low cages that were hard for her to see into. Overall, we were really glad that a friend recommended this attraction, as we might have overlooked it otherwise.


As already mentioned, the Javanese Tea House is not wheelchair accessible, nor is the restroom behind it. Otherwise, though, accessibility was pretty good. The route that you take with a wheelchair is different than that you would take otherwise, but ultimately goes by everything except I think one small cage of parrots (which if you were so-minded you could double back and get, but we decided we didn't care that badly). I visited the second-floor restroom, which was large with a decently-sized accessible stall and sinks set into a counter that was open below (pipes were not wrapped, however). Moving around the gift shop was mostly OK; there were a few racks that were too close together. Accessibility in the snack bar was fine. One other thing I would ding this place on is the parking; although conveniently close, there were only two marked spaces and at the time, one was blocked.
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