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Coniston Boating Centre

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(Updated: October 12, 2013)
Overall rating 
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Physical Accessibility 

Great Accessible Boat Hire


Our daughter is in a manual wheelchair and we were able to access the boat and have an hours freedom on Coniston. An electric motor makes for a peaceful (and not scary for those with sensitive ears) and liberating adventure. A special life-jacket (instead of bouyancy aid which would have 'irritated' our daughter) was used for the wheelchair user which made our life easy/stress-free. Near the wonderful Bluebird Cafe (with lovely accessible toilets) - you will probably need a Carer to help you get over the fine gravel/shoreline surface unless in an electric chair (?) but that's the only difficulty .... really enjoyed the day and we all chose it as our favourite holiday memory !! Space for 3 wheelchairs if you're in a gang or we found it fine space-wise with 2 adults and a chair.
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